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Abraham's culture and core values
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“Founded in 2018, Abraham’s is a destination for sausages and meats that is produced with no preservatives, chemicals and other nasties. We always focus on producing meats that can be consumed by you, our customers, with no worry of chemicals.

Our are deep-rooted to the core of our business. We passionately believe in producing wholesome natural food that is made out of natural ingredients only. Our principles have not changed from day one until now and you can rest assured that we will continue to produce food that you can trust completely.

Our mission is based on these deep-rooted beliefs…

Best Quality

Since day one of Abraham’s establishment, we have been producing the finest quality sausages, in this time have been loved and complimented with great reviews from our customers.

We have been noted for the quality of our produce.

Make Food We Love, So You Will

Making food that we love ourselves is our belief so only you will love them. At Abraham’s, we do not make food that is served only to please our customers but these food are loved and consumed by our family on daily basis.

We repeatedly tested and refined the recipes until it comes to perfection so we could proudly serve it to you.

Kitchen - Not Factory

At Abraham’s, we appreciate artisanal values in our food. In a small-scaled kitchen, every single produce is handcrafted with passion and love towards great food that bring values. 

On the other hand, while we are small scaled, we do not compromise on safety in our produces. From grinding to mixing, from stuffing to linking, every step is carefully monitored and executed to ensure safety measures are followed. Great food should be safe to eat.

Support Local

We work with local butchers for our day to day supply of fresh meat. The farmers are located at Rawang, Perak and Pork Dickson. 

We believe buying from local farmers can help growing our local agriculture and making local pig farming sustainable.

Each produce that you purchase from us, the money is going into the local pig farming community. It is helping us to ensure our local pig farming is sustainable, improving farmers’ lifestyle, and help them in improving the farm environment where pigs are raised.

Nature's Best Preservative - Freezing

We passionately believe the freezer is the best place to store your meat. It means the quality is never ever compromised.

We never add any nasty preservatives or chemicals to our meat, we don’t want to eat them so why should we make you?

We freeze our meat before, during and after the production. While keeping the food safe, it provides you with the optimum freshness and optimum eating sensation.

Each produce is individually packed in vacuum sealed packaging. With the zip lock, you can take what you need, when you need it and leave the rest for another day. You can defrost the produce quickly by placing the pouch in cool water and leaving it to thaw gently.

Thoughtfully Delivered

We speedily deliver your items straight to your in our insulated packs. To get our food to you in perfectly safe condition we need to protect it. To ensure the perfect temperature where you order will be store at, riders are equipped with insulation bag to store your orders. We have spent time working out the best way to send out our lovely products to you. We have considered many options, trialing and testing, to find how to keep your food safe and in perfect condition, in packaging that’s easy for you to use. 

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