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Explore Abraham’s premium selection of pork bacon, from classic cuts to unique flavors. Find the perfect bacon to elevate your favorite dishes.

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  • hickory smoked uncured Bacon on wooden board flatlay
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    Indulge in the pure, delicious flavor of uncured bacon. Naturally smoked over hickory chips, our bacon is free from nitrates, nitrites, and artificial ingredients.

    Made with premium pork belly, black pepper, and other spices and herbs. Our hickory smoked uncured bacon has a wonderful texture, turning amazingly crisp in the pan, with just the right amount of fat for an intense flavour.

    We prefer a fragrant smoke of just the right amount over hickory chips, not too strong so that it enhances rather than disguises the flavour of our bacon.

    Our uncured bacon is also gluten free.

    • 200g @ 6 to 10pcs, sliced at 2mm to 2.5mm thickness.
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