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Naan for Breakfast! Easy Sausage, Cheese & Egg Delight

A close-up of a golden brown breakfast naan topped with melted cheese, savory sausage, and a perfectly runny egg.

2 servings
Prep time: 10min
Cooking time: 10min
Total time: 20min

This quick and delicious Sausage, Cheese & Egg Breakfast Naan recipe is a fun twist on the classic breakfast! It's packed with protein, melty cheese, and fluffy eggs, all nestled in warm, pillowy naan bread. Ready in minutes, it's perfect for busy mornings or a unique weekend brunch.


1 link sausage, casing removed (we used Cajun Andouille for the spiciness, you may sub with any of your choice)

2 Naan sheets (we used brand Mission, you may sub with any of your choice)

2 slices cheddar cheese,  crumbled (we’re out of shredded cheese at the time we made this, you may sub with any shredded cheese of your choice, at preferred amount)

2 eggs

1 tbsp dried parsley

Tabasco sauce (or any hot sauce of your choice, optional)

Olive oil (or any cooking oil)

Salt and Pepper


  1. Cook the Sausage: Heat a skillet over medium heat. Add the sausage and cook until browned on all sides, about 2-3 minutes. Set aside.
  2. Warm the Naan: Preheat your oven to 220°C (425°F). Following the package instructions, warm the naan bread on a baking sheet lightly brushed with olive oil.
  3. Assemble the Naan: Sprinkle the warmed naan with your favorite shredded cheese. Top with the cooked sausage.
  4. Melty Cheese, Golden Eggs: Place the naan back in the preheated oven for 3 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and bubbly.
  5. Sunny Side Up: Carefully crack one egg onto each naan. Return the naan to the oven and bake for an additional minute or two, until the egg whites are set but the yolks are still runny.
  6. Finishing Touches: Remove the naan from the oven. Drizzle with hot sauce for an extra kick (optional). Season with salt and pepper to taste. Garnish with fresh parsley (optional) and serve hot!


  • For a vegetarian option, simply omit the sausage. Add chopped vegetables like peppers, onions, or mushrooms while cooking the sausage (step 1) for extra flavor.
  • Short on time? Use pre-cooked sausage to save a few minutes.
  • Leftover cooked sausage can be used in this recipe. Simply reheat it before adding it to the naan.
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