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In the creation of Abraham’s food, we have always had that one value which to us is the most important in mind, that’s to “share”, the central focus of the products we make and what we do. “Share” used to be one of the, if not the most important values of our great great grandparents/ ancestors of their times. In modern days where individualism seems to have set its place deep in our daily lives, we set goals to restore food to how and when to have it and what to do with it. Foods were always where people gathered, united and spent moments of happiness. It was always about the idea of “share” – sharing food, knowledge and moments.
abrahams food share farmers shared labor

Realize the Love/Wisdom of Share

We should have already realized, all the foods that we could buy conveniently from stores, restaurants nowadays were the daily foods of our great great grandparents/ ancestors. These foods were made out of the wisdom and love from the produce they grew at the farm back then. Without the wisdom and love of “share”, none of these foods would have existed. Our grandparents worked hand-in-hand with their family in the field, growing produce through shared moments and labors. Moments were shared together in the field and dreams were shared in the family that they would have the fullest harvest and abundance enough to feed the family and community in the period (year/ months) coming. When the crops were ready for harvest, the family shared the fruits of labor and the moments of joy and celebration together with the food they produced. Bigger than the family is the community, and upon harvest, the community gathered over celebration events, and produces were exchanged between, produces were also made into food and shared among each other. For in this period, families bring forth the fruits of their hard labor and bless each other in shared moments of happiness and unity in the celebration.
We now see how food would not have existed without the idea of “sharing”. The love of “Share” was, is, and will always be there in every process of production, process and indulgence of a food. We just couldn’t separate food from the love of sharing. To see the love and wisdom of sharing in our food, it would be an act of subtraction, instead of addition. The love and wisdom of “share” in our food is already in the food, and already is what it is, we just have to realize it by becoming more aware of it.
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Be Aware of Share in Food

Thusly, we urge you to take a moment of silence and have a deeper look into the food upon your next meal, to become aware of the food. Firstly, be aware of an understanding that HOW we have food is of equal importance as WHAT we have. No one is more important than the other. Both how and what we have are equally important about food. Then picturing by thought, of the peoples that grow the ingredients of these food, the works that have been put into them by the processor (or chef/ cook) to make the finished products out of the ingredients sources, and through these finished products, the happiness and stronger bonds between you and the people around you that these food bring about through the love of sharing.

Lastly, we hope you now enjoy food more deeply than you usually do. May you be blessed!

abrahams food share farmers shared labor crops

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